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Montreal's Official "Ugly Christmas Tree" Is Coming Back Again This Year

As is tradition.

Remember the famous ugly Christmas tree Montreal had last year? Of course you do!

For weeks the city bragged about how we would be getting North America's biggest Christmas tree but when it finally arrived most of the city agreed it wasn't the biggest, but it definitely was the ugliest. 

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But Montreal wasn't just gonna sit there and let the rest of the world make fun of us. So we embraced out ugly Christmas tree. We even voted it the ugliest tree in the world and lovingly compared it to the iconic Charlie brown tree. 

Via instructables

And now it's becoming an annual tradition. 

On Friday November 24th Ilo84 will be illuminating Montreal newest ugly tree called "Le Villain Sapin".  

It all takes place at the Village du Villain Sapin on Prince-Arthur street. The illumination will happen at 6:30 pm. 

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