For the last Month, Red Bull music Academy has been in Montreal organizing special events featuring Canadian and international music, as well as club nights, performances, public lectures and even special VR exhibitions.

And last weekend they outdid themselves.

They took the Montreal Olympic Stadium Pool and transformed it into a one of a kind multilayered listening environment.

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The point was to turn the pool into a nightclub, but a nightclub without music isn't a nightclub.

So Red Bull built a custom Wet Sounds Soundsystem to make sure that you could hear the music even when you're underwater!

The event was called Poseidon's Kingdom, but unfortunately just like Cinderella is was only for one night.

The event was very successful, so who knows if and when we will ever see another night like this again. But perhaps this could inspire Montreal to permanently transform the Olympic pool into one of the world's first underwater night clubs.

Check out all the photos of Poseidon's kingdom right here:

For more information check out Red bull Music Academy.

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