As we all know, Montreal is a beautiful city with many defining landmarks. Mont Royal and The Notre Dame Basilica to name a couple. Though these places are gorgeous in their own right, Montreal also has the unique quality of hosting new age installations that are just as impressive.

Le Projet de Boules Roses, also comically known as "Pink Balls", is an annual installation that takes place during the Montreal summer. Thousands of five toned pink balls are stretched on Saint Catherine's Street E. for over a kilometre, giving the city an ethereal, festival vibe.

Photo cred - Tony Webster

This installation is set in the Gay Village as a means to support the blossoming LGBT community, teamed up with members of the artistic force, and headed by Aires Libres! This year, Les Boules Roses will be set up on  April 30th, because Aires Libres has decided to kick start summer early! Not only that, but instead of setting up only 170, 000 balls, they're rounding it out to an even 200,000!

If you want to learn more about this installation and see more super cool pics of it then clickety-click right here.

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