If you know Red Bull then you know they're the masters of unusual competitions, and this one is no different. On September 6th,  Red Bull will be holding a Soap Box Derby in Montreal where participants will design, build and race their crazy contraptions down a hill to crown the ultimate Soap Box Champion.

The 45 teams that will be participating have already  been chosen by Red Bull and they've all submitted concept drawings of their wacky vehicles. In true Montreal fashion not only are these designs hilariously original, but they also represent the city we live in perfectly.

These participants have really outdone themselves, here are some of our favorites:

1. Le Pothole

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2. Boîte à Poutine

3. 100% Cliché

4. Formule Sushi

5. Guardians of Montreal

6. HABS-Car

7. Holy Guacamole

8. Dirty Cheez

9. La Guerre Des Tuques

10. Les Docs

11. PureLaines

12. Montreal Connection

13. Wacky Wagon

Check out Redbull's Website for the full lineup and to vote for your favorite.

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