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Montreal's STM Employees Vote In Favor Of A Strike, Here's How It Will Affect You

This is going to be bad.

It's (basically) official! 

Montreal's STM employees have voted in favor of a city-wide strike, with 98% in favor of the 6-day strike mandate. Source: CBC

The 2400 employees passed the vote on Sunday, but are still hopeful that they can reach an agreement between the union and their employer.

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The STM's maintenance workers, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters are amongst those who voted in favor of the strike.

Their legitimate concerns include the 500,000 hours of overtime worked in 2017 and the disappearance of work-family balance measures.

The STM wants to impose obligatory overtime, even if employees have already performed 500,000 hours of overtime last year. Ridiculous, right?

30 meetings have already happened and negotiations are still ongoing. It looks to me that this will get a lot messier before it clears up. 

Gleason Frenette, the transit union President, has said the employer has never been so "aggressive" in its demands.

"We do not understand, all our employees are dedicated," he said in a telephone interview with The Canadian Press. "Five hundred thousand hours is huge. It's been increasing year by year for more than 20 years."

Let's be honest, Montreal's STM stops endure a real beating from its users every day. We all know that this group os STM employees have their work cut out. 

From people plucking feathers off a dead pigeon for dinner to others pissing all over the place... some folks just don't make it easier for any STM employee. These workers have a job that none of us envy. 

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What does this mean for us? Well, it doesn't mean that your morning metro will be (even more) later than usual.

But it does mean that many, if not all, of those smelly and dirty metro stops, will get much, much worse if this does in fact happen. 

I can just see all the new 2018 MTL Metro system memes now. 

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