No, Adidas Is NOT Giving Away Free Shoes To Everyone To Celebrate Its Birthday

Saving you the embarrassment.

This morning, my newsfeed is filled with people sharing a post from Adidas that claims you can get free shoes to celebrate the company's birthday. 

Sadly this is not a real offer, it is a hoax. 

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It has actually been circulating for quite some time now, and for some reason it's making a comeback lately, that's why we decided to make it official once and for all. 

No, you cannot get free Adidas shoes. 

If you click on the post, it takes you to a fake webpage page to asks you to share it on Facebook. Then once you complete that step, you're asked to fill out a survey, but no matter how many surveys you complete you will never get free shoes from Adidas. 

Via adidas

It has already been proven to be a hoax by Hoax Slayer and we confirmed with Adidas who informed us this is in fact just SPAM. 

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