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Vintage Photos Of Channing Tatum When He Used To Be A Stripper

Better than Magic Mike.

Hello all Channing Tatum fans. I come to you with the gift of all gifts. Any one with a sexual inclination towards attractive males (or, y'know.. eyes) can see that Mr. Tatum is one nice slice of man. And he sure does take advantage of that.

We loved him in his Calvin Klein ads. We had heart failure during any rom-com he made an appearance in. And we can't even talk about the feelings we had when Magic Mike hit the big screen. But now we have something better.

What can be better than this you ask?


Photo cred - LATimes

Well my naive friend, OK! Magazine has graced the internet with old school Channing, in his stripper days. It is the perfect combination of sexy and embarrassing. His smoulder is still swoon worthy, but his bleached hair and eyebrow stud are... an interesting style choice on his part. All in all, he's a hot mess and we love it, so we're here to share a few pictures with you.





To view the full album head on over to OK! Magazine.

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