Earlier this week, we found out that the first marijuana stores will be opening in Montreal. The stores will be run by Marc Emery's company Cannabis Culture.

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According to CBC, there will be at least three locations in the city including one on 2200 Mont-Royal Ave East.

But the third one is located at 3804 St-Laurent Blvd which is where an old Yeh! Frozen Yogurt Shop used to be located before it closed. And doesn't that just seem like the most perfect location for Montreal's first weed store?

The other locations are:

  • 1863 Amherst St.
  • 1412 Pie-IX Blvd.
  • 8870 St-Michel Blvd.
  • 7130 St-Laurent Blvd.
  • 1431B Bishop St.
  • 4961 Queen Mary Rd.

A yogurt shop closes and a weed store opens in its place. It's the circle of life!

The shops are set to open later today.

To be clear, these aren't medical marijuana stores, they sell it recreational purposes. So you don't need a prescription or a membership to be able to shop there. You just need an ID to prove you're 19.

The mayor of Montreal wants to be clear that these stores are illegal, but he didn't specify whether or not they would be raided or shut down.

Either way Josie emery said that If the Montreal police raid their shops, they will reopen the next day.


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