Osheaga Is Hosting A Massive Free Outdoor Party In Montreal This Month

Summer is starting early!

Summer is almost here which means it's nearly time for festival season to kick off in Montreal!

Osheaga may still be a few months away, but in case you simply can't wait that long, we have some great news.

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You may be able to experience a little "Osheaga teaser" next weekend.

On May 25-26,  Saint Denis Street will be  hosting an event called "Lancement des Terrasses au Quartier Latin" to celebrate the start of terrasse season in  Montreal.

And if that wasn't awesome enough, Osheaga will be there presenting a massive free outdoor party!

The street will be closed off and temporarily turned into a pedestrian street. There will be games, entertainment, animation, a climbing wall, and much more!

It's a little taste of Osheaga, right in the heart of downtown Montreal!

Click here for more info.

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