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Photos And Videos From Inside The Florida High School Mass Shooting

Warning: Graphic Content

In 2018, social media post can provide a first-person account of what the scene was like for students and staff as they waited for police to arrive at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

As the shooting carried out by former student Nikolas Cruz begun, students took to their cell phones to communicate with family members and loved ones - they also had very sobering images and video to share from inside the high school. 

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Video and tweets documented the moments just after some shots were fired.

One of the first posts came from student Aidan Minoff

The flood of posts that came after document the tragedy as it unfolds. 

This is extremely sensitive content, and not for everybody. 

Still, there is an importance to seeing these stories first-hand to help the severity of gun violence sink in for some folks. 

Turn away now if these social media shares could hit you too hard.

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@thedoubleo420showembedded via

This tragic incident of unprecidented violence has become one of the worst shootings in modern US history. 

We will continue to update these posts as more information is available.

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