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Post Malone Spotted Hanging Out In Montreal

He just came to chill for a few days.

There's an unwritten rule in Montrealers: Celebrity spotting always happen in twos. And today is no exception. 

Today the star of X-Men and Game Of thrones, Sophie Turner was spotted filming a CGI fight scene, and this morning a lucky fan ran into none other than Post Malone at Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport. 

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The girl in the photo is named Jasmine. She was waiting for her boyfriend when she spotted a man who looked suspiciously like Post Malone. She went to ask if it was actually him and he apparently turned with big smile and said yes. 

@jasyalamodeembedded via  

What's even cooler is that Post Malone isn't in town for a concert or special event. He said that he decided to come to Montreal just to hang out a few days. 

It's actually pretty flattering that he decided to come to Montreal considering how busy he is.  Malone just had  a concert in San Jose on Sunday night and he's scheduled to appear at the KABOO festival in California on Friday. 

That means he's either here for a top secret super important mission or he actually decided to fly from California to Montreal and back to California for no reason at all. 



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