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Protestors In Quebec Are Rioting At The G7 Summit Right Now (Photos)

This looks insane!

In case you missed it, Donald Trump and many other world leaders have arrived in Quebec today to meet with Justin Trudeau. 

Trump will meet with Trudeau and has made statements that he will "straighten Canada out" amidst current issues regarding the U.S. steel tariffs and impending trade wars. 

The G7 World Summit is set to take place at La Malbaie, Quebec today - and protestors have been taking over the Charlevoix streets since yesterday evening. 

A quick look at social media reveals some startling imagery and content about whats currently going on during the G7 World Summit. 

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Mass amounts of people are currently on the site and have been protesting since yesterday evening. 

Tons of police S.W.A.T. teams and riot control have been on hand advising people that protesting is, in fact, illegal - which to me is a shock. I did not know protesting was illegal for an event such as this. 

Still, there have been multiple arrests made, and from the image content I am seeing the scene right now is looking pretty intense! 

Here are some photos of protestors on the streets burning furniture in an attempt to block roadways to La Malbaie. This was happening live just one hour ago!

S.W.A.T. teams in Quebec have been moving along the roads following the crowds, posting up in front of local businesses like this Starbucks. Other businesses are taking no chances and have boarded up their windows just in case. 

Our friend, The 4K Guy, was on the scene yesterday evening and captured some of what was going on - here's a video of that!

People on the site are saying that the armed S.W.A.T. teams are moving out protestors "peacefully" - and maybe this is my ignorance, but it seems as though peaceful isn't an appropriate word here. 

I mean, sure this type of happening must up any one person's anxiety levels, even those packing some serious heat. However, a news reporter was asked to leave the site as one police officer, heavily armed, was "intimidated" by her presence. 

This story of a news reporter doing her job seems like all sorts of ridiculousness to me. Why can't somebody just stand on the sidewalk? 

I am glad to be here in Montreal, away from all of this - it does not look like Charlevoix is a very pleasant place to be right at this moment. 

Stay tuned for more information as I'm sure news outlets around the world will have tons to say about the G7 World Summit in Quebec! 

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