Quebec Dépanneur Clerk Gets Robbed, Chases After Robber And Stabs Him

A civilian was injured in the process.

Dépanneur clerks aren’t easy prey for robbers. Well, at least one Longueuil dep worker isn’t. 

Last night, Longueuil Police took a dépanneur clerk into custody after allegedly stabbing a robber. That’s after the dep clerk chased after and took down the thief, reports CJAD.  

The robbery occurred at about 9pm last night at a dépanneur in Longueuil ’s Greenfield Park borough. 

After the robber fled the dep, the store clerk exited the shop (with a knife in-hand) and went after the thief. A chase ensued. 

During the course of the chase, the dep worker allegedly injured a civilian who got caught in the middle of the altercation. The civilian passerby received a cut to the face, reports The Gazette

Despite being injured, the civilian passerby has not filed a complaint against the dep clerk. 

Recent reports are saying that the robber/suspect is currently being treated at the hospital, but for reasons unrelated to the case. The dep clerk is to be questioned by police today and could face assault charges. 

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