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Quebec Doctors Are Charging You "Administrative Fees" For Absolutely No Reason

This is supposed to be banned.

Almost exactly one year ago, Quebec’s health minister banned doctors and health care professionals in the province from forcing patients to pay “ancillary fees” for various medical services. 

Patients were being charged for simply filling out medical forms or asking for copies of files. 

Unfortunately, the province-wide ban hasn’t changed the practices of some doctors who are still charging Quebecers extra money for absolutely no reason. 

The Pointe-St-Charles Community Clinic’s Right to Health Committee delved into public health data and found that doctors are still charging patients “administrative fees” despite the province-wide ban. 

Quebecers are still being forced to pay out-of-pocket for a government form or a routine procedure. 

Eye exams are reportedly costing Quebecers far more than they should, which aren’t covered by the province’s health plan. 

20% of individuals included in the report paid more than $500 for an eye exam. 50% paid at least $100. 

Even worse, there’s no real way to tell if these eye exams were even necessary, said a member of the Pointe-St-Charles Community Clinic’s Right to Health Committee, reports CJAD

So, basically, Quebecers could be paying for a $500 eye exam they don’t even really need. 

The government is being called on by the clinic group to improve oversight on health clinics to ensure patients aren’t being charged for medical forms or other administrative fees. 

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