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Quebec Is Getting Rid Of French On Public Road Signs

This could rock the political campaigns.

With a provincial election only weeks away, campaign season is in full swing in Quebec.

As political parties compete for the attention of the electorate, the media and public discourse are dense with new promises, plans, criticism, and aspirations.

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Many have stated that this may be the least contentious election in Quebec in living memory.

The issue of sovereignty has been largely absent from campaigns. Both francophones and anglophones are also generally satisfied with public services, as well.

Though, many anglophones continue to press the provincial government for more accessible care for seniors and people with disabilities, for example.

But one piece of news that largely dissipated over the weekend could reignite tensions in the notoriously charged province.

The Suburban, a popular anglophone newspaper, reports that Quebec plans to eliminate French from public signage on provincial highways.

Officials will replace those signs with "pictograms," which will depict the action they signify rather than state a directive.

Transport minister André Fortin confirmed the news to The Suburban.

The new illustrated signs will make roads safer and more accessible to anglo Quebecers and visitors from the United States and rest of Canada.

Indeed, misunderstanding a highway sign could have devastating consequences.

Advocates for the preservation of French in the province have apparently yet to issue a statement in response. Though, they are unlikely to oppose such a measure.

Since this is a decision by the current liberal government of Phillipe Couillard, it could quickly become a campaign issue.

Stay tuned.



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