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Quebec Now Has A "Mario Kart" Style Bike Path


In case you didn't know it yet, the province of Quebec has some of the most beautiful and spectacular bike paths in the country.

We have trails so long they'll take you several days to complete. Trails that run along beaches and rivers, trails that lead up to waterfalls, and even trails that take you across some pretty amazing bridges.

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But there is one bike trail in particular that caught our attention.  The rail itself is part of a massive network of bike paths you simply have to check out this summer.

What makes this trail so special is a section featuring a 4 level "mario-kart" style spiral descent.

Just looking at this thing makes me want to throw on a pair of overalls and whip a turtle shell at someone.

But of course that's just a small part of the trail which is part of 50 mile waterside bike path.

There are so many different paths to explore on this trail you won't even know where to begin!

Check out the trail map below:

Via masortievelo

Click here for a more detailed version of the trail map.

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