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Quebec Opens First-Ever "Tartare Bar"

Over 180 different combinations!

The dumpling bar that just opened in Montreal sure does sound amazing, but this Tartare Bar will bring you to food heaven! Now you may be thinking that something that sounds so amazing is FAR AF, but the truth is that it is less than 1 hour away from Montreal. YES. A short drive away to your new FAV restaurant. 

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Just how extravagant is this tartare bar? It's so FCKEN extra that it has 180 different tartare combinations. BUT WAIT. This tartare bar also has 17 different poutines and 45 different mini-burgers!

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PLUS, this tartare bar-resto is legit 1 hour away from Montreal located in Quebec ( 352 Boulevard de l'Ange-Gardien, L'Assomption, QC ). At  Taboo Restaurant you can expect to eat gourmet food but at an insanely affordable price!

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I mean it doesn't get any better than mini-burgers, tartare, poutines, and some insane drinks. They are open Monday-Wednesday 11:30 - 10PM, Thursday-Friday 11:30 - 2AM, Saturday 4-2AM, and Sunday 4-10PM!

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