When most of us hear the abbreviation UFO, what comes to mind is a cartoonish silver disc with a green little alien inside. Or maybe you think of a futuristic hovercraft that zooms through the sky faster than the speed of light. Well, apparently a lot of people have UFO sightings on a daily. Witnesses include totally ordinary people spotting completely out-of-this-world (literally) objects in our night sky. 

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In Canada alone, on average there are three sightings a day. That equaled in total 1,101 "confirmed" UFO sightings in 2017. Where are they all coming from?!

Because of all these unexplainable sightings, Manitoba-based Ufology Research created a survey listing the Canadian cities with the most UFO reports. It turns out that alien's are pretty particular with where they want to go, as Quebec takes first place for most UFO sightings last year alone. The sightings total up to 518 in our province, so the otherworldly beings probably couldn't resist all of the poutine here and had to keep making visits.

The cities that ended up making the cut for the most UFO reports are Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Edmonton. Which honestly, isn't that surprisingly. The provinces with an all-time low in UFO sightings are Nunavut, with only two sightings in all of 2017, and the Yukon with three. You'd think being that up North and with a clear sky the UFO traffic would be insane, but maybe aliens are sensitive to cold temperatures. 

Some other interesting facts about UFO sightings (according to the official Canadian UFO Report) are:

  • There are an average of two witnesses per UFO sighting.
  • A typical sighting lasts about 15 minutes.
  • About eight percent of all UFO sightings in 2017 were deemed unexplained.

The reason for more accurancy these days with UFO sightings is due to the advanced technology. Even our cell phone's camera is good enough quality to be able to pick up a decent image of something flying through the sky, so the number of sightings is only expected to increase over the years.

It's safe to say whoever's flying the UFOs are totally a fan of Canada, and in particular a fan of Quebec. Who's to say Montrealers won't be face-to-face with a little green guy checking out the city in the future??

To take a look at past surveys and the Ufology Research website, click HERE. To read the entire 2017 Canadian UFO Survey, click HERE.

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