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Quebec Will Be Making The Province's Liquor Laws Better For You

Somehow drinking just got even better.

This morning Quebec's Public Security Minister Martin Coiteux announced that he plan on modernizing some of Quebec's old outdated liquor laws.

Many of Quebec's laws regarding alcohol were written a long time ago, some actually go back to the prohibition era so they don't even make sense anymore. 

For example, did you know that if you're having a drink at a pub with your wife and kids, you'll be asked to leave at 8:00 pm.

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That's because kids aren't allowed in bars after 8:00 pm (even when accompanied by their parents) unless the bar happens to have a full restaurant license. 

As Martin Coiteux puts it “It’s nonsense”. But that's not the only old weird rule:

  • It's illegal to buy a drink at a hotel bar and bring it back to your room. 

  • Music festivals have to  apply for the same permits every year.

  • You have to apply for permits to serve alcohol at a wedding receptions. 

So far it's not clear how far Coiteux's proposal will go, many people are hoping he will push for bars to stay open until 5:30 am. And Dep owners are hoping they might be able to sell beer and wine after 11:00 pm.

We'll have to wait and see which rules actually end up changing, but one thing's for sure, the liquor laws will definitely make life easier for you. 


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