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Quebecers Are About To Get More Vacation Time Thanks To New Legislation

We need this.

For those working full-time jobs in countries like France, Italy, U.K, and Switzerland all get over 20 days of paid vacation time per year. France being the luckiest at 5-weeks of paid vacation leave.

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Considering our ties to France and Europe you would think that Quebec and Canada would model their labor laws accordingly. But no, our labor standards are very much in line with the "a lot of work, and some play" productivity model of our American neighbors.

However, new labor laws are currently being explored by Quebec Labor Minister Dominique Vien  who states that these changes "would make life easier for individuals and families, as well as for employers."

Under this new legislation, workers will be eligible for three weeks' vacation after three years of employment. Rather than the current law of having to wait five years for 3-weeks off.

The new laws will also allow employees to refuse a shift if their schedule is not posted 5-days in advance.  Also, workers will be able to take a longer leave of absence in some cases.

Although the CNESST does do great work in protecting worker rights in Quebec, this change is one that is much-needed

For more info on the legislation changes, click here.

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