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Starbucks Is Having A "50% Off Happy Hour" Across Canada This Week

It's always the right time for a frappuccino.

Who doesn't love a good ol icy cold Starbucks Frappuccinos? Like a dessert that gets you a little high, the buzz of a frap is unlike any other speciality coffee drinks. 

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A whirlwind of refined sugar, condensed coffee, chocolate, caramel all swirled together into a slushy consistency that is smooth, refreshing, and a little crunchy. Legitimately one of the most indulgent and delicious drinks out there. Thank you Starbucks for inventing the Frappuccino, you did us good.

That said, as the temperatures sore above 10 degrees, our Starbucks senses are tingling, and there's nothing like a good frap to cool you down on a hot day. And Starbucks Canada wants to offer it's Canadian customers a little treat this May!

On May 10th after 2PM you can enjoy a Starbucks Frap for 50%! It's been confirmed by Starbucks Canada Twitter feed just this morning. so you know it's official.

This is great news. Fraps are delicious, but let's just say, they ain't cheap. A large Frapuccino can run you easily over $5 every time. Needless to say, for those on a student budget, it's not an everyday drink. But that's what makes it so special.

So don't forget to stop by your local Starbucks on May 10th for a sweet treat. 

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