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Starbucks Releases All-New Spring 2018 Drinks Menu

Available exclusively in Canada!

Starbucks has just announced the release of their new Spring 2018 drinks menu. And the what's even better is that the new drinks are available exclusively in Canada. 

That's right, We are lucky enough to be getting the very first taste at the new Starbucks Teavana Tea Lattes. 

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Starting today, Starbucks is releasing their all-new Teavana TM Blossoming Rose Tea Latte.

Via starbucks

And it's not just a plain old tea and milk. The tea leaves are powdered, then they are blended with steamed whole milk, and sweetened with cane sugar.

Via starbucks

Starbucks is describes it as ‘cashmere’ or ‘a hug in a cup’.

The new tea lattes flavors are: 

1. Matcha

Via starbucks

2. Black

Via starbucks

3. Rooibos

Via starbucks

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