Last week, the STM’s unionized maintenance workers went on strike and we were warned that the bus service in Montreal would probably be a little chaotic. 

During the strike 57 buses had to be taken off the roads, which resulted in  513 hours of service cancellations. That means there were a lot of people who were stuck waiting for a bus that never showed up. 

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Unfortunately, just because the strike is over doesn't mean the bus service will getting back to normal anytime soon. Actually it's going to get worse, a lot worse! 

The STM is warning people that the real impact of the strike will be felt in the coming weeks and months 

The backlog of work has increased and the bus fleet is getting smaller every day because more and more buses are being taken off the roads. And since there are fewer buses, each one is driving longer hours  which means they will require maintenance sooner than they normally would. 

Worst of all, by the time, things start getting back to normal many STM employees will be going on vacation, so the problem will basically affect the bus schedule in Montreal all summer long. 

According to the STM the consequences of the strike may be felt until September!

As if all of this wasn't bad enough, the drivers might also be planning a strike, the highways are closed for construction, the roads that aren't being fixed are being closed off to cars, and gas prices are skyrocketting. 

I think it's safe to say that travelling around Montreal this summer is going to be quite the perilous quest. 


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