Studies Show Being Bilingual Makes You Smarter And A Better Lover

Can't argue with science.

Elite Daily released an article a few months back that claimed bilingual people are smarter, more creative, and better lovers than their monolingual counterparts. Well, as it turns out there is plenty of evidence to support this, which is great news for us in Montreal where pretty much every other person is bilingual.

A study from Harvard showed that children who are bilingual are cognitively more advanced that monolingual children, demonstrating better cognitive control abilities. The article also reported that bilingual people can respond to tasks more fluidly and come up with more creative problem-solving techniques. Another study showed that bilingual people were able to solve arithmetic problems more creatively and had better vocabulary understanding. Not too shabby.

Now for the most important part: the reason bilingual people are better lovers. The original article gave a whole bunch of reasons but basically what it comes down to is being able to connect with more people, and being able to connect with them better than the average monolingual person. Many bilingual people report having different personalities when speaking in different languages, which gives them a wider emotional range, and an ability to better understand other people. This allows them to connect better in their relationships.

Well, if this really is what happens when you're bilingual it may just be enough to make me brush up on my French, which, admittedly has gotten a little rusty over the years.


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Laura Hanrahan


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