Study Shows Canadian Women Think Being Bilingual Is Sexier Than Having A 6-Pack

Forget hitting the gym, hit the books instead.

Every year, the top 2 most popular new years resolution are: Getting shape and losing weight.

That's all fine if your plan is to be healthier, but if your plan is to become more attractive to the opposite sex, your time might be better spent learning another language rather than hitting the gym.

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The website Babbel teamed up with Elite Singles to find out exactly what Canadian women are the most attracted to.

It turns out that 91% of women prefer a partner who has language skill over a partner with a 6-pack.

The study surveyed 6,000 people and 82% of Canadians found the ability to speak another language extremely attractive.

The reason why varies:

  • 35% find it sexy because they are attracted to different cultures

  • 20% simply like the sound of another language

  • 20% think language skills demonstrate a higher intelligence

  • And 16% are attracted to the mystery of another language.

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