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The CAQ Wants To Kick People Who Don't Speak French Out Of Quebec

Immigrants are in trouble.

As elections season reaches its climax in Quebec, some of the most contentious issues have once again dominated the public discourse.

While Quebec sovereignty has been largely undiscussed this election cycle, the status of the French and English languages is still a point of serious debate.

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Both anglophones and francophones argue that their language needs more protection in the predominantly French-speaking province. 

While it is critical that the francophone majority has adequate cultural preservation and access to well-paying employment, anglophones have long bemoaned the lack of English services.

While historically anglophone communities are able to send their children to English school, English-speaking immigrants, in particular, have long been the target of nationalist rhetoric.

This week, the coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), the conservative party poised to win at least a plurality in the elections, took the issue to a whole new level.

According to CTV News, the CAQ would aim to kick immigrants out of the province if they are unable to learn French within three years of their arrival.

It is unclear if the status of non-French-speaking immigrants who have already lived in the province for three years would also be in jeopardy.

Historially English-speaking communities in Quebec would of course be exempt from this harsh policy were the CAQ to enforce it.

This announcement by the CAQ is the most direct mention of language politics yet in the campaign month.

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Some predict that the CAQ will achieve at least a minority government this fall.

Stay tuned for more election updates.



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