The City Of Montreal Is Looking To Hire You This Summer

For once, they'll be paying YOU.

When it comes to jobs, people look for 2 things, money and security.

Because there's no point in working hard your whole life if the company you're working for is just going to shut down. 

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What you need is a job at a company that is "bankruptcy proof", and the one employer in Montreal that will never shut down is the City of Montreal itself.

You can find a ton of great career options right on the Ville de Montreal's website.

Here you'll find pretty much every kind of job there is, including the police and fire department, engineering, architecture, management, secretarial work, communications, consultants, analysts, gardeners, directors, crossing guards ,and even lawyers, just to name a few.

There are even jobs made especially for students, as well as seasonal summer work. The site constantly being posted and updated so make sure to check it often.

Click here to browse all the City of Montreal's available jobs

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