Recycling  in Montreal is particularly annoying.

You rinse everything out, you make sure there's no garbage mixed in, you tie your bag tight and you place it outside.

Then 10 minutes later your bag gets ripped open by someone looking for cans and when the bag finally gets picked up, half of it ends up spilling onto the ground.

Good times.

But get ready Montreal, because recycling is about to get a lot more annoying and possibly expensive.

Montreal will soon be banning all recyclable materials as well as food scraps from being thrown into the garbage.

According to Journal Metro, individuals will now be responsible to sort through all their garbage properly or they may face fines of up to $2000.

We already have 2 bins in Montreal, one for garbage and one for recycling, but now we will be receiving a third bin meant exclusively for food scraps.

Some borough like Ville Saint Laurent have already gotten these, but Montreal now wants the entire island to adopt the same rules.

The change is expected to be implemented in every borough on the island by fall 2016.

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