The First Thing Valerie Plante Promised To Do Now That She's The New Mayor Of Montreal

Drumroll please.

Well it finally happened. Sure it only took 375 years, but Montreal has finally elected its first woman mayor. 

And now that she defeated Denis Coderre, people are eager to find out what her first order of business will be. 

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This morning, during an interview on Gravel le matin, Mayor Plante announced her intention to fix all the public transportation problems the city has been dealing with. 

No, she's not talking about the pink line, although she will be holding meeting this week to push the project forward. She's talking about her plans to increase the amount and frequency of buses on the busiest STM bus lines. 

More buses - less waiting.   

Public transportation will be a highlight of Plante's mandate. She even wants to be referred to to as the "Mayor or Mobility". 

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