What is this mysterious reason that has Habs fans shouting 'blasphemy' from the top of the Bell Centre? The Ottawa Senators' Professional Scout, 'We Day' speaker, the 'Butterfly Child', Johnathan Pitre. The butterfly metaphor reflects the fragility of Johnathan's skin, and undoubtedly the grace of his persistent athletic spirit.

Pitre has persevered in his fight with EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa), a skin disease that currently has no cure. The disease has robbed him of any opportunity to participate directly in physical activity, placing Jonathan in the bleachers for the Sens as a scout. As a DEBRA Canada Ambassador for EB awareness, Johnathan is a beacon of light to those who suffer from skin disease, and particularly from EB.

So if there's going to be any reason for you to cheer on the Sens, it might just be the inspiring story of this Butterfly Child.


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