The Real 1960s "Batmobile" Spotted Driving Downtown Montreal

The most famous car in Hollywood!

Here's something you don't see every day. 

The Batmobile was spotted driving around in Montreal by Ovidiu Croitoru. Yes, the REAL original 1966 Batmobile from the old Batman TV show!  

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The car was in town during last weekend's Comiccon and I guess the drivers couldn't help themselves and decided to take it out for a joy ride around the city.

Via Ovidiu Croitoru for Tuning Cars Customs Canada

Via Ovidiu Croitoru for Tuning Cars Customs Canada

Since then there have been a lot of Batmobiles, but this one will always remain the most iconic one.

It's not just to most recognizable Batmobile it's the most recognizable car in Hollywood and it's always ranked as the #1 fan favorite. 

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