Back in January, the STM announced that they were removing the much beloved AZUR trains from the metro system. 

The trains were removed because of a problem caused by of a piece on the bottom of the train was coming into contact with signaling equipment on the track.

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In other words, certain parts of train were too big to fit in the tunnel. But it looks like the problem has been resolved. The STM ended up having to replace the problematic pieces with parts from the old MR-73 trains.

The good news is the trains are already being deployed back on the tracks. As of this morning, the president of the STM announced that there are already 9 AZUR trains in service, and the remaining 6 will be back on the tracks by the end of the month.  

This means that by April first, there will be 15 AZUR trains making their way through the metro tunnels of Montreal. 


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