This past week has been a pretty bad one. It started out with the traumatic events that took place in Toronto's Greektown this week. The mass shooting caused the death of two people, and instilled unshakeable fear in many others. Toronto slowly begins to pick themselves back up from that horrible night, while Montrealers watch with sympathy and shared sadness.

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As someone who just moved from Toronto's Danforth area not so long ago, I count my blessings and have felt insanely thankful to be in Montreal. But as the days go on, many are turning to our city and asking how much safer it really is here?

Unfortunately, Montrealers may have to start taking some more safety precautions when venturing out into the city. In the last 24 hours alone there have been TWO shootings within the Ahunstic-Cartierville borough. 


Both victims are luckily alive, but that doesn't erase the fear and concern residents have felt since hearing gunshots on multiple occasions right outside of their homes. It doesn't end with these two isolated incidents though, throughout the month there have actually been gun altercations all over the city. 

Just last week gunshots and screaming was heard in NDG, and a few days before that bullets were fired right in the middle of Old Port.


Seriously, what is the city coming to?! It seems as though gun violence is happening increasing all over Canada, and it's really hard to stomach when it's happening so close to home.

Since the Toronto shooting there has been an enormous call for a handgun-free city, and the federal government has actually considered more intensive handgun laws. We can only wonder if Montreal has the same idea in mind, and whether or not it will come before another shooting takes place within the city.

Stay safe, Montreal.


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