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These Are All The Restaurants That Are Participating In Montreal's Pizza Week

Slice, slice baby

Who doesn't love a delicious slice of divine pizza? If I could eat one type of food for the rest of my life, it would most definitely be pizza. 

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There's an endless possibility of options, even if you are gluten, dairy or vegetarian, there's a pizza for you! Honestly, it's a food I will never get sick of. 

Living in a city with delicious food and especially super tasty and gourmet pizzas, Montreal definitely offers up some good slices. 

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If you love exploring restaurants than the 2nd annual La Pizza Week will give you the perfect excuse to do just that!

Not only can you test out all the pizzas but you get to vote which ones you loved the most! 

La Pizza Week is happening between October 1st-7th, with Montreal and Ottawa fighting for their chance for best pizza in one of the eight categories. Vote for your favourite type of pizza on their website. 

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These are the 8 categories: 

2. PIZZA AL TAGLIO (By the Slice)

There will be two winners in each category. The winner of the public vote (YOU) will receive the "People's Choice Award" and that from the panel of jurors from Montreal will receive the "Official Judges' Panel" award. 

Get your appetite prepped for this adventure, since all of the restaurants participating in this event have been confirmed! 

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Here are all the restaurants participating in this year's La Pizza Week: 

1. La Pizzaiolle (3 locations)

2. Keste

3. Fiorellino

4. Ricolta

5. Weinstein & Gavino's

6. Joiea Sociale

7. FF Pizza (5 locations)

8. Pizzeria Melrose

9. Miss Napoletana

10. Pizzeria Napoletana

11. Pizza Prima

12. Redipizza

13. Mangiafoco

14. Bevo

15. FCO Fiumicino

16. Sapori di Napoli

17. Calzones

18. Trattoria la Villetta

19. Birreria (2 locations)

20. Amelia's

21. Industria (4 locations)

22. Ristorante Pomodoro 

23. D'agostino Pizza

24. Mama Sofia 

25. Prato Pizzeria 

26. Santa Lucia 

27. Parma Cafe 

28. Dirty Pizza

29. Enoteca Monza Pizzeria Moderna 

30. Boston Pizza

31. Pizzeria Geppetto (2 locations)

32. Ristorante Corneli 

34. Un Autre Restaurant 

35. Quindici 15

36. Liola

37. Bacaro (4 locations)

You can also win prizes during this event: 

  • Gift from Totarella & Sons (worth $500)
  • Gift certificates of $100 at one of the participating restaurants
  • Pair of tickets to La Grand Roue in Old Montreal
  • 50 t-shirts and placemats from La Pizza Week 

For more information on La Pizza Week visit their website 


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