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These Are The Official Winners Of Montreal's Poutine Week 2018

You have to try them all!

Montreal's Poutine week is officially over and hopefully you took advantage of this time to try out as many insane Poutine creations as possible.

Of course, Montreal is the poutine capital of the world, which means that the best poutine in this city is technically the best poutine in the world. 

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Last year's winner were: RUBS American BBQ, Le P’tit Creux du Plateau, Taverne F and Le Gourmet Burger

This year we have 3 new winners to announce! 

The People’s Favourite:

Via lapoutineweek

Restaurant: Le Gras Dur Poutine

Name: Seafood Poutine Teddy Roaster

Poutine Description: French fries, fresh Boivin Cheese Curds, Lobster bisque, Shrimp, Lobster, peanut sauce, sriracha and fried onions. 

The Judge’s Choice Presented by Kingsey®

Via lapoutineweek

Restaurant: Taboo Cuisine Rebelle Poutine

Name: Zombie Poutine

Poutine Description: Yukon Gold fries, Kingsey Saputo cheese curds, porto demi-glace gravy. White beer pulled pork, BBQ ribs, green onions, bruschetta, onion rings, Jack Daniels sauce and Cajun sour cream.  

Most Original Poutine Award:

Via lapoutineweek

Restaurant: La Bêtise Poutine Name: Fried Chicken and Waffles Poutine + (foie gras extra)

Poutine Description: The classic chicken and waffles with a twist! Lying on a bed of delicious waffles is a fried chicken poutine. Curd cheese, homemade fries, fried chicken with a sweet and savory brown poutine sauce. The best part is that you can add a piece of foie gras on top for 8$ extra.

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