This Is What Montreal's New "Verdun Beach" Is Going To Look Like (10 Photos)

Summer fun in the city.

Even though Montreal is an island, we have a surprising lack of water access. There's Jean Dore Beach, but that's pretty much it. Your other options include a fake beach where you can't swim, or a beach-like swimming pool which won't be open this year. 

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Luckily, Verdun is in the process of building one of the coolest and most original beach setups in the province.

maison_01-plage-verdun_c100Photo cred - Ville de Montreal

The beach will feature:

  • A nature zone

  • Beach volleyball

  • Aadminton courts

  • A mini library

  • A sport zone

  • A relaxation zone

The project is supposed to be the perfect blend between a park and a beach. But recently, there has been news that the beach will be slightly modified.

According to CTV, Verdun says that the new plans will be slightly less extravagant than initially announced. But that's not necessarily a bad thing.

It just means the planners will keep the area more natural, and there will be less pavement and concrete.

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