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This Is When Spring Will Finally Arrive In Montreal

We've waited long enough.

I don't know about you, but I for one am sick and tired of this weather. 

It's grey, it's windy, it's never quite warm enough to be comfortable, and the flurries simply won't stop! 

When will it end?!

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Officially, Spring is supposed to start on March 20th, but unfortunately for us we still have a long time to wait before the weather gets pretty.

According to the Weather Network we'll be seeing flurries and temperatures hovering around O°C at least until the end of March. 

Via theweathernetwork

The Old Farmer's Almanac prediction is even more grim. They're saying this horrible weather will last even longer and that we might even see a snowstorm April! 

Via almanac

So it looks like you're going to get used to this kind of weather because Spring will not be arriving any time soon in Montreal. 

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