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This "Lagoon City" Near Montreal Will Make You Feel Like You're In Venice

'The city's best-kept secret'

Venice is literally my favorite place in the world and I'd do anything to live there! The water, the boats, and the beautiful houses will make anyone fall in love. However, I'm still here in Montreal and the closest thing to Venice that we have is the Lachine Canal. 

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BUT WAIT! My dreams are finally coming true as my colleague discovered Lagoon City ( yes, that is its real name)! Lagoon City is a Canadian version of Venice and it is located right near Montreal. Unfortunately, I can't move there but I know where I'm planning my next vacation!

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Lagoon city if full of Airbnbs and a very popular hotel that you can stay at for $115 a night. You may be wondering what you would do for a weekend in Lagoon City and let me tell you, there will be a whole lot of relaxing, boating, paddle-boarding, swimming, eating, and much more!

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It is located on Lake Simcoe and you can "sail anywhere in the world from Lagoon City"! ​​This canal community is known as Ontario's "best-kept secret" and literally everyone has a boat dock at their door!

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General Information:

Where: Lagoon City, Ontario

Distance: 6 hours

Airbnbs To Rent

Hotel: Knights Inn Harbour Resort & Hotel

Boating all day! :) ☀️😍 #boating #lagooncity #ontario #lakesimcoe

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