An image showing and comparing sizes of  Canada's largest urban areas is sparking some online controversy in the Reddit-sphere. 

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Although the map very clearly shows us a nice visual of which urban area is geographically the largest, many Redditors comment that it has failed to understand the concept of "greater metropolitan area".  

Via reddit

Via reddit

Claiming that the cities are falsely represented as smaller or bigger than they actually are because certain suburbs and outlying regions should or should not be considered part of the urban area.

Also, this online debate seems to have struck a chord and touched on a sensitive underlying question.

Via reddit

Via reddit

How exactly do you measure the size of a city?

Cities are living breathing organisms that are intricate and complex. As a result, there are several ways to quantify the scale of an urban area.  For example, by human population alone, density, geographic size, satellite images, or a combination of all of the above?  Again, it's a touchy subject. 

You can check out the Reddit thread and add to the conversation and debate yourself.


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