This New Restaurant In Montreal Is Hosting A $1 Brunch This Weekend

Chicken waffles, breakfast poutines, and more!

Hey guys, do you remember that super cool Harry Potter themed bar on St. Denis Street? 

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Of course you do, friends - it's an awesome spot of themed drinks, delicious food, and straight-up Harry Potter love.

via @thelockhartbar

And it's about to get a whole lot better, TBH. 

In order to officially inaugurate its new weekend brunch menu, Lockhart Montreal (3979 St Denis St) is going to be hosting a $1 brunch fest this Saturday, May 13.

via @sophisabel

They'll be serving their main brunch meals for $1 on that day (including eggs Benedict, "Dragon & Wafffles", and breakfast poutine!).

Sides and drinks will still be at menu price, but honestly, a $1 French toast pudding sounds like the reason why I wake up in the morning.

via @guishawn

Sounds like the. Best. Thing. Ever? Then check out the official Facebook event for more information!

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