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This Quebec Town Is The First In Canada To Elect A Transgender Mayor

History being made.

In a historic election, the small Quebec town of Tres-Saint-Redempteur is the first place in Canada to elect an openly transgender person as mayor: Julie Lemieux.

Lemieux was voted into the position of mayor following the November 5th elections, receiving 48% of all votes in the village of Très-Saint-Redempteur.

Quite small, Tres-Saint-Redempteur only boasts 946 residents in its municipality, located a little over an hour west of Montreal, towards the Ontario border.

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While us city-folk think of small Quebec towns as incredibly conservative and resistant to change, that obviously isn’t the case with Tres-Saint-Redempteur.

"It's really a place and a village that is bold and innovative" Lemieux said to CBC, when speaking about her mayoral win.

According to Lemieux, the people of Tres-Saint-Redempteur wanted a new kind of leader, one who will bring about change. Lemieux said she received support because of community members desire to see “renewal in the village.”

Lemieux served on the Tres-Saint-Redempteur municipal city council since 2013. She is also the first female to serve in the role of mayor in Tres-Saint-Redempteur.

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