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This Quebec Woman Almost Crashed Through A House While Taking Her Driver's Test

Hopefully your driving test went a lot better!

Being a teenager can be stressful – going through body changes, all the hormones flooding through you, the pressures of social media, and trying to fit in. 

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Let's also not forget the pressure to get your driver's license before all your friends so you can be the cool one with a ride and have some independence. 

Before taking the actual test, everyone experiences some nerves. It's normal to ask yourself questions like: "will I parallel park properly?", "will I hit a curb?", "will I pass through a stop sign by accident?". 

Most people don't have to ask themselves, "which pedal is the brake and which one is the gas?", because it's assumed you would know this very basic fact.

For one woman, unfortunately, that was not the case. Early yesterday morning a 45-year old woman was taking her driving exam in Quebec City and instead of braking at an intersection, she floored it. 

Her SUV went straight over a curb, through some hedges, and onto the steps of a home. What a scene! 

Luckily, no one was injured and the homeowners were not home at the time of the incident. Imagine being the passenger, expering that and then having to rate the driver after that?! 

I'm sure the driving administrator was not too pleased after this incident. 

If you're wondering...she did not pass her driving test. 


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