This Website Helps You Find Flights Out Of Montreal For $100 Or Less

Also Plattsburgh, Boston and New York!

There are a lot of websites who promise to help you find the best deals on flights. The only problem is that those sites deal with far too many destinations at once.

And let's face it, you only really care about the flights leaving out of Montreal.

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Luckily, 2 young entrepreneurs from Quebec have launched a new website called Flytrippers that focuses exclusively on cheap flights leaving out of Montreal, Plattsburgh, Boston and New York.

The site regularly posts flights to Florida for under $100, and flights to Europe for less than $500!

gggg Photo cred - flytrippers

According to one of the founders, if you're willing to drive to Plattsburgh, you can get a round trip flight from Florida for $46.

Wait, $46! That's the price of a freaking parking ticket!

If you spot a good deal make sure to jump on it quickly because they won't last long.

Check out Flytrippers' website for more information or to book flight.

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