Every high schoolers dream is to throw an epic house party that will suddenly make them the most popular kid in school. One Vancouver teen set out to do just that, but with some unintended consequences.  Over $20,000 dollars in damages to the rental home. 

A Vancouver teen rented a house online using her parent's credit card. Like any good teenager, she did this without their authorization. 

That night, on March 9th, Vancouver police received calls of an "uncontrolled party" happening on Ottawa Avenue in West Vancouver. When they arrived at the scene police officers found over 200 teenagers pouring out of the home. 

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Sounds like it was a party of epic proportions. However, the party was not intended to be this massive. Word of the gathering must have spread like wildfire and the situation quickly escalated, and before they knew it, massive damages had occurred.

According to the police, the family agreed to pay for the damages and the homeowner will not be pressing charges against the teen. After all, she just wanted to have some fun.

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