Since Donald Trump started his presidency, the people of the United States have been extrememly divided on whether they love, hate, or fear him. Right now it looks like the last too opinions are the most popular.

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TL;DR Due to Donald Trump's promises on illegal immigration, the number of people seeking refugee status in Canada from the U.S. has spiked. The CBSA is rejecting and deporting back almost every application, with criminals and anyone at risk to the public being detained in the country.

As Canadians we've been helplessly watching the events in the U.S. from across the border, and its obvious extreme measures have been taken in an attempt to get rid of Trump. Massive protests and rallies, petitions, even super famous people speaking out against him. 

It looks like quite a few people are beginning to lose hope, as there's been a massive spike in U.S. citizens seeking refugee status in Canada to get away from Donald Trump.

Since January 2017, over 36,000 have literally walked into Canada from the States to file refugee claims. In response, Canada seems to be taking the less friendly route.


Asylum seekers who have crossed the border into Canada illegally are being deported right back. According to the Canada Border Services Agency, the number of deported border crossers this year is about to triple what it's been in previous years. 

The most common reason as to why Americans are now choosing to make a run for the north is due to Donald Trump's explicit promises on illegal immigration.

So, does anyone get to actually stay in Canada after walking over? Well, the CBSA has said that those who pose a safety risk to the public will not be getting deported for the time being. The reason behind this is that people with major criminal records are not addressed immediately as first administrative cases have to be dealt with. 


As of now, it's being made pretty difficult for anyone claiming refugee status to actually be approved and welcomed into Canada. With the number of border-crossers quickly rising, it's no secret that the people of the United States are growing more afraid of their president and the rest of his time in office.



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