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Valérie Plante Just Saved Montreal's Right To Smoke Marijuana Outside

A win for the cannabis community.

Smoking marijuana in public places will not be illegal in Montreal thanks Valérie Plante and her administration voting against a motion that would have forced the city to regulate cannabis exactly like alcohol. 

The motion, proposed by the Official Opposition at city hall, would have banned the smoking of marijuana in public places, much like how drinking in public spaces is illegal. 

On Monday, the Plante administration voted against and effectively quashed the proposed bill. 

"We do not have the jurisdiction at the municipal level to regulate places of consumption” said Rosannie Filato to JDM, city councillor and executive committee member in charge of social and community development. 

Filato added that the provincial or federal government will need to pass laws dictating where marijuana can be consumed before the city can really act. 

With the motion effectively turned down, Montrealers no longer need to worry about whether they will be able to smoke marijuana in parks or at outdoor festivals following legalization. 

The city plans to follow the recommendation outlined by a special committee formed to address the issue of legalized marijuana in Montreal, added Filato. 

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