All the news is sad out there this morning, so I decided to forget about all that shit and bring something adorable instead.

One thing's for sure, this is definitely not something you see everyday.

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On Monday, Jean-Marc Lacoste posted a video on Flickr of a cute little seal playing around and relaxing on giant floating chunk of ice.

View the video below and get ready to smile!

This is kind of a big deal because the video wasn't shot in the Artic, it was in Verdun near LaSalle Blvd!

I think it's safe to say that this seal is a long way from home. They typically hang out a few hundred kilometers downstream, which means this little guy has had quite the journey.

In the past, seals have been spotted in Ile Sainte-Helene, in Longueuil and even in the Old Port.

According to Experts the seal isn't in any danger.


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