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Video Showing What Happens When A Plane Gets Struck By Lightning

Holy crap!

When boarding a plane, even the calmest among us thinks about some of the things that might go wrong during the flight. 

Will the plane crash? Will it get hijacked? Will I be sitting next to a crying baby?

But what if I could guarantee that none of those would happen during your flight, but that instead your plane would get struck by lightning mid-flight.  

Would you still climb aboard that plane? 

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If you answered: "Hell no!", this next video might actually change your mind. 

Shortly after takeoff, this airplane was struck by lightning and although the passengers had quite a scare, the plane itself arrived at its destination just fine.

It just goes to show you that planes are perfectly capable of dealing with lightning, which is a good thing because if they had to cancel flight everytime there's a storm, we'd never get anywhere. 

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