An English YouTube prankster had his friends cement his head inside a microwave, in order to make a video that he hoped would go viral.

An air tube was fed into the device, so that he could breathe, and his face was covered with a plastic bag. However, his friends' attempt at making a cement mold of his features backfired.

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The prankster ended up being stuck in the microwave.After spending nearly 90 minutes trying to free him, they called the fire station. Fortunately, they didn't turn on the microwave.

Yesterday, the West Midlands Fire Department tweeted that they were "seriously unimpressed".

In particular, they thought it irresponsible of the young men to tie up five of their firefighters, who could have been needed elsewhere.

The entire group was apologetic.

The man was left shaken but unharmed, following his rescue.

Media organizations have, since, identified the prankster as 22-year-old Jay Swingler of the TGFbro YouTube channel.

On Thursday, the channel shared a video of the stunt.


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