If you're in any of the larger cities in the province of Quebec today, you're likely aware of the taxi strike that started early this morning and is planned to continue throughout the day.

The province-wide strike is creating frustrating delays, particularly in Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau. 

Videos and photos below show the ongoing delays that citizens are facing today.

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TL;DR Taxis across the province of Quebec are striking today, and cities like Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau are seeing considerable delays on the roads because of it. Check out the videos below.

In addition to a frustratingly slow procession of taxis, there's also a considerable amount of honking going on.

The strike is in regards to CAQ Bill 17 that was introduced by Legault. Taxi drivers still feel that Uber encroaches on their market and they require more government protection within the industry. 

Many citizens are confused by the strike that is meant to target the government but inevitably impacts taxi clients the most.

Taxis are not only driving slowly through the cities and highways, but they are also not answering their phones or picking up any clients until 7 PM today.

The airport has also seen a drastic decrease in taxi presence.

People flying into Montreal's Trudeau International Airport are going to be faced with a complete lack of taxis able to take them into the city, or elsewhere, today.

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If you are flying into Montreal today, consider taking the 747 bus into the city. And, of course, there's always Uber.

If you catch sight of the procession, send a video into us @MTLblog or tag us in your Instagram story. 


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